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"The Note Perfect Kits have proven to be an effective and FUN way for beginning students to learn to read music. While the kits were intended for very young children, we have been able to effectively use them with older students (teens) and adults. We bought multiple kits for use in classroom settings. Great product!"  Valerie V. Gay, Executive Director,Fortress Arts Academy, Philadelphia, PA  

Had to share the fun news about my beginner, Jonathan age 7. He absolutely loves the NotePerfect program, we used it tonight at his lesson. He actually said, "This is way cooler than Lego!". And believe me, he loves his Lego! He's also thrilled that his older sister will no longer need to "help" him with note reading. We had a dandy time !  Diana Mase, Keyboard Skills Faculty, Thurnauer School of Music.

"With NotePerfect Project materials, children love to learn how to read music. They have fun, are completely  engaged, and develop note and rhythmic reading skills to a high level.  My students love becoming sight-reading experts and having fun in the process.  NotePerfect tools provide exactly what they need."  --Dorothy Kaplan Roffman, Director, JCC Thurnauer School of Music ​

"An outstanding product – I love my Rhythm Cards. As an adult student, I find these cards versatile and helpful; they can be used any number of ways. The notes and rests are brightly printed in large bold characters and easy to manipulate on a tabletop to create a large range of exercises. In addition, the material used makes them indestructible. I highly recommend this product for either teaching or learning purposes; a real standout addition to teaching/learning products for musical pedagogy." --Mary E. Johnston 

"My students’ eyes light up when I take out the NotePerfect staff and magnets! They make our note-reading practice so much fun.”  - Daniella Pierson,  Musicopia, Philadelphia

"What an incredible musical tool! These rhythm cards really helped my young children get comfortable with the different musical rhythms. These cards are a must have for students in their musical education." -- Elana Silver, Parent

"I’ve been looking for a set of rhythm cards to give a young friend who is learning how to play the piano and drums. I found a lot to choose from but what I liked best about these cards is that you aren’t tied to pre-printed rhythms. Also, you can write on them (and erase) if you need to. My friend loves them and he’s already making up and playing his own patterns. He treats it like a puzzle. He’s having a great time and learning something at the same time."


Perfect for all learners! A must have for music educators!!!  As an elementary music teacher, I have spent many hours trying to create note flash cards that are a clear and accurate representation of note values. That’s why I was so excited and impressed when I found these new NotePerfect  Project flash cards. Having the cards differ in length with large clear notes made it very easy for my students to not only feel the full value of a note but to also see it. I have used these flash cards in dozens of music activities. Want children to compose music? Give them the cards and have them create different four beat patterns. Even before the student has fully mastered reading the notation, they can see if they have the right number of beats because of the length of the flash cards. Want to quickly assess your students? Create patterns with note cards on the floor and have each student read them off. Note Perfect flash cards are made on laminated paper, so you can write on them with dry erase markers. They contain different time signature cards, so you can visually show your students how 3/4 looks and feels different from 4/4. I love the fact that you can easily aurally and visually teach note values at the same time with these cards. They are excellent for all learners. Criticism: I wish there was an affordable class set. (Like a ten pack for $100) Also, I wish it came with at least 5 quarter notes." --Emma Brondolo, MSEd, Artistic Director of the Young People's Chorus @ Thurnauer, Director of Early Childhood Music and Voice Studies at the Thurnauer School of Music