The NotePerfect Project empowers and motivates children to want to read music. This unique educational method takes a hands-on, “learning by doing” approach using tools that are tactile, easily manipulated, child-friendly – and fun.  In essence, NotePerfect is a music rudiments course that is taught at an instrument.  The method is targeted to young children but it may be easily adapted for any age.  It supplements, but does not supplant, any standard method book.

Make it

Hear it

 Play it

It goes without saying that children love to do things for themselves.  And therefore it follows that the best results are obtained when they are encouraged to create their own samples, to solve problems and to experiment.  We like to think of this approach as a serious voyage of discovery tempered by a spirit of play, a light touch – a joke, a laugh, a chance to be comical.  Just as one example, try switching roles and enjoy the delight of the child when you “mess up!”  Yes, this is fun but the child is learning to observe and listen – and these are important skills to foster.

The NotePerfect method is not conducive to rote learning. For best results, teachers need to become comfortable with a level of interaction and child-centered dialogue that is almost Socratic in nature.  In that context, it is instructive to bear in mind Tobias Matthay’s axiom: We are teaching the child not the subject. 

While new to the public, the NotePerfect method has been tested for many years in the private studio of its creator, Lolita Mayadas who is an award-winning pianist, teacher and current Chair of the Piano Department at the Thurnauer School of Music, New Jersey.  She was also the  Executive Director of the National Guild for Community Arts Education from 1981-2001. Linkedin ​   

The company’s Co-founder is Azim L. Mayadas, a retired senior corporate and arts executive and former Managing Director, National Guild for Community Arts Education.  Azim was also an active concert pianist and composer.


Most books for beginners start out by teaching several things at once: pitch, clefs, note values, time signatures and so on, virtually from page one. The approach taken by NotePerfect is to isolate and teach each element one at a time, building progressively. The concept of pitch is taught through placement of magnet notes on the music board, singing games, simple step-up, step-down dictation, elementary transposition and the playing of brief samples.  Rhythm elements are introduced concurrently through echo-clapping and manipulation of rhythm cards and integrated with pitch.  At an appropriate time printed, age-appropriate scores are presented to provide context after children have grasped the connection between what they hear (or play) and what they see on the page.  A free step-by-step on-line Teaching Manual for teachers and parents ensures that children will master the fundamentals.

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