Rhythm Cards

Module 3: A new way to learn note values while having fun with math! The size of each card reflects the duration of the note value it represents. Use these cards to make hundreds of rhythm patterns.  Turn cards stems up for right hand, stems down for left hand.  Laminated cards are writable and erasable.
Elementary time:  36 cards, including 4 time signature cards.
​Compound time: 36 cards, including 2 time signature cards.

NotePerfect Project is an ​innovative educational method ​

which teaches children how to read music using a set of tools

that are tactile, child-friendly -- and fun​​


Music Board & Accessories

Module 1: High quality, multi-purpose, dry erase, magnetic music board. Helps teach pitch, intervals, triads and inversions, key signatures, and more. Portable. Large laminated note guide available.  A set of 10 black and 2 red disc magnets (for use as notes) is included. Marker pen not included.

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Note Reading Cards

Module 2: Two decks of colorful playing/ flash cards to reinforce pitch and interval recognition through game playing.
Set 1:  34 cards with whole, half, quarter and eighth notes on all lines, spaces and two ledger lines.
​Set 2:  52 cards each showing an interval (without clefs) from 2nds through 8ths.